Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Do I Testify At My Social Security Disability Hearing?

In short; truthfully!  This is probably your last chance to convince a office of disability and review (ODAR) judge that you are able to perform sustained gainful employment.  This is not the time to be too proud or boastful due to embarrassment.  I have watched disabled clients who are simply too proud to admit how tragically difficult their lives have become, how little they can help out at home or how close they are to becoming homeless due to their inability to work.  Your hearing is NOT the time to impress others (ODAR judges) about how great your wish your life was or is.

Tell the truth!  If you eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because cooking is too painful tell the judge and your doctors.  If you wear the same clothes for weeks on end because it's too painful to walk up or down the stairs to wash laundry, tell the judge and your doctor.  If you lay in bed with the lights off wishing that you were dead, tell the judge and your doctor.  Your life is not being judged, your success or failures are not being judged, YOU are not being judged.  Only the nature and extent of your disabilities will be judged.  Tell the truth, the whole truth and please know that thousands of others are in the same shoes as you.

At Atkinson Law Office and Minnesota Disability we will help you with your social security disability claim as much as possible.  We can help you from the initial application all the way through your hearing.  Unlike the vast majority of law firms and agencies, you will also work with licensed and experienced social security disability attorneys rather than clerks, secretaries and receptionists.  Please call us today to discuss your possible social security disability claim.  Please call today for a free consultation; 651-333-3636.  We represent client across the entire Midwest including, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Iowa.  At Minnesota Disability we are prepared to served injured and disabled workers.