Monday, November 21, 2011

Minnesota & Wisconsin Social Security Disability Experts

If you have a disability, then you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD or SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.  In order to receive these benefits, the Social Security Administration requires that you prove you are unable to work due to a medical condition that will last for at least one year in duration, or that will ultimately result in death.  Our expert attorneys and staff have years of experience in helping you obtain the medical support you need.

We know that the applying for benefits and proving your claim can be extremely difficult and frustrating.  Any mistakes in your application and failure to meet certain deadlines and complete paperwork required by the Social Security Administration can delay your receipt of benefits or in the worst case scenario lose your case.

Statistics clearly show that you are more likely to win your case with the help of a skilled disability attorney. The attorneys and staff at Minnesota Disability are ready to assist you with you claim.  You may question whether you can afford a disability attorney.  Minnesota Disability will never charge a fee unless you win.  Though we do not provide free help with Social Security cases, should we agree to represent you, we will never ever charge a fee unless you win your case.  After our client wins we are usually paid a limited fee by Social Security out of our client’s past due benefits. The fee is limited to twenty-five percent of the past due benefits with a limit by Social Security. If there are no past due benefits then we do not charge anything for our legal services.

Please contact attorney Tom Atkinson at Minnesota Disability today at 651-333-3636 or toll free at 800-933-5619 or visit our website www.mndisability.  We represent clients in disability claims in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Call Today!